Muscletronics Instagain

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  • 42G extended release fast and slow protein matrix glycogen replinishment and support weight gain
  • 135 grams of pure high-quality low and high GI carbs for superior
  • 8 grams glutamine and glutamine peptides
  • 8.2 grams BCAA to support muscle growth
  • 3 grams of potent creatine monohydrate for boosting strength and size
  • 715 quality calories to support weight gain
  • Added ginseng extract to enhance recovery rate and endurance
  • Added multivitamins,minerals and digestive enzymes
  • Best in class ingredients and manufacturing
  • Delicious taste and easy mixing



  • For individuals and professional athletes trying to put on weight and size
  • Off season bulking for bodybuilders.
  • Any one trying to meet up with their targeted daily calorie requirement.
  • Rapid size and weight gain
  • Muscle growth and Recovery
  • Prolonged Protein Synthesis
  • Improved Muscle Strength


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