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PRO BULK – Hardcore Mass Gainer-12 LBS

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PRO BULK WEIGHT GAINER Forza Nutrition – PRO BULK is the ultimate weight gain formula. Enhanced with a scientifically validated muscle building compound (creatine) to help build muscle size and strength, and help accelerate muscle recovery. It has 688 calories per serving and 40 grams of Protein Matrix Blend with Time Release formula for muscle recovery, this instantized powder makes a sizable post-workout and between meals shake



PRO BULK gives you the tools you need to pack on pounds and – when coupled with serious weight training – develop your physique to the fullest. The cabo blend of glucose polymers and simple carbohydrates give you that added punch to fuel your workouts and daily routine. These carbs are large source of energy that will support your intensely hardcore weight training routines. PRO BULK is designed to help you gain weight in short period of time and helps you build bigger and stronger Muscles.

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