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Proburst® Predator is a scientifically formulated supplement, which is designed keeping in mind an average Indian user. One serving (10.5g) of Proburst® Predator contains 150mg of caffeine, which helps in improving focus in the gym, along with Beta-Alanine (CarnoSyn®), Piper Nigrum extract (BioPerine®), Arginine, Citrulline, BCAAs, Creatine, and Vitamins.

The supplement is designed strictly as per the guidelines laid down by the FSSAI and the ICMR. The Proburst® Predator will improve your strength, post-workout pumps, nutrient absorption, recovery, and will give you explosive energy to perform high-intensity workout.

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Use 2 rounded scoops (10.5g) in 250-300ml of water and drink 30 minutes prior to your workout session. Do not exceed the recommended serving within 24 hours period.

Consult a Physician/ Nutritionist if you have any medical condition before using the product.

Product Myths

Pre-Workout supplements are not safe.

A pre-workout supplements are safe, provided you don’t have a medical condition like hypertension. Proburst® Predator contains the ingredients that are allowed by the FSSAI and the ICMR. We, at Proburst, believe in providing the safest possible solution that will help you meet your daily requirement.

Pre-Workout supplements are addictive.

Pre-workout supplements, in general, are addictive as they contain lots of psychoactive ingredients. The Proburst® Predator contains all the ingredients in just the right quantity and its the kind of formula that has been engineered based on science. Though, we still recommend you to use the one pack of Proburst® Predator, give your body a week’s time before you buy another one.

The Caffeine intake needs to be blocked when you are using a Pre-workout supplement.

Most Pre-workout supplement contains caffeine. Therefore, it is recommended that you monitor/ block your caffeine intake. Just try and look for the decaffeinated alternatives to avoid the overdose of caffeine.

Pre-Workout supplements are harsh and can mess-up with the organs.

In general, the Pre-workout supplements are considered harsh, but that’s not the case with Proburst® Predator. We have formulated it keeping in mind an average Indian athlete and followed the guidelines given by the FSSAI and the ICMR. Therefore, our Pre-workout formula is the safest, yet most effective formula available in the market.

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