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Proburst Ultimate Mass Gainer 3 kg (Chocolate)

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Get your bulk on with Proburst’s Ultimate Mass Gainer. With a 58g high-quality protein blend, 13g of essential BCAA’s and a whopping 1206Kcal with every serving, Ultimate Mass Gainer is perfect to help make you bigger and stronger. Our Advanced Time Release Mass Gain Formula allows your body to thoroughly absorb all the nutrition, reducing the effects of muscle fatigue and promoting muscle synthesis.




Mass Gainers are nutrition-dense dietary supplements consumed to help attain a bigger physique and a stronger body. Due to the concentrated nature of mass gainers, the ideal time to consume them is:


Mass Gainers can help provide a high dose of nutrition early in the morning, stimulating metabolic functions after the long period of starvation the body experiences during the night.


Mass Gainers are rich with carbohydrates, protein and amino acids, all the components the body requires to recover and grow stronger after an intense exercise session.


Mass Gainers will help fuel your bodily processes through the night ensuring that the body does not descend into a state of catabolism and degrade muscle mass.

Product Myths

Mass Gainers contain steroids and harmful chemicals – FALSE

Mass Gainers comprise all natural or naturally occurring ingredients in our food or body. Very similar to how we have milk powder from milk, oil pressed from nuts, beans, legumes, etc. mass gainers are created from food/food derivatives. Most mass gainers are a mixture of carbohydrates, protein, and fats, and all these are obtained from natural food sources. The carbohydrates are generally obtained from food sources such as oats, grains, corn etc. Whey and other milk proteins are obtained from milk itself. Fats are similarly obtained from coconut/foods containing fats. So, it is perfectly safe to consume a Mass Gainer as a nutritional supplement. When choosing a Mass Gainer, make sure it has been approved by the India FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India).This certification is present to assure the consumers that the product is safe for their health and provides the claimed nutrition.

Exercise is equally important to help build muscle while consuming gainers – TRUE!

Mass Gainers help to provide a large concentration of nutrition to the body to aid the building of muscle mass. However, it is only by following a regular exercise regime that the body will be able to absorb this nutrition to grow bigger and stronger. Exercise is the stimulant which, makes your body adapt to physical stress and, hence, grow stronger. A good mass gainer will help to provide the body with the necessary nutrition required to attain a bigger and stronger physique.

The more mass gainer I consume, the better the results will be – FALSE!

Our bodies are capable of great things. However, there is a limit to how much stress our bodies can take and how far they can grow. Mass Gainers are extremely dense in nutrition and energy. They are very helpful as dietary supplements for individuals who train hard, and those who have very fast metabolisms. However, a mass gainer complements your overall diet and caloric needs. By consuming more calories than are required, the body will automatically store these extra calories as body fat. So, to ensure that maximum of the gains are muscle mass and not fat, one must follow a balanced diet and a regular exercise regime to maximize the benefits of mass gainers.

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